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Scrap Metal Supplier, Recycler, and Exporter in Melbourne: Why Choose VMT?

Scrap metal recycling has contributed to significant changes in terms of metal product consumption and waste management. Most metal products today come from recycled metal materials, ensuring that the raw metals on earth will not be depleted entirely. And as an effect of reprocessing metal materials, the total energy that is being consumed in the entire world is expected to be cut down tremendously.

In terms of waste management, metal products that are meant to be discarded are now being sent to recycling centres instead of landfills. Consequently, the number of scrap metal products in landfills has now decreased, gradually resolving the issues of land, air, and water pollutions.

Almost all these benefits are possible thanks to scrap metal suppliers, recyclers, and exporters. Through our company, Victorian Metal Traders, we can guarantee you great scrap metal recycling products, services, and all these mentioned benefits due to the following reasons:

Remarkable Experience and Principles

Our company has been operating since 2007, which allows us to establish an excellent reputation and long-lasting business relationship with our clients. And apart from our years of experience in the industry, our company knows the importance of scrap metal recycling. Therefore, we have committed entirely to providing sustainable products and services, making sure that our works will take care of the environment and the health of all the communities that we do business with. We continuously strive to achieve the best practices and we take serious efforts to be a good responsible environmental partner.

Commitment to Safety and Innovation

For us to conduct work safely, we make sure that we practice scrap metal recycling processes in accordance with Australian OH&S Standards. We do this as we have a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental care. We likewise believe that using the latest innovative technology for processing materials is the only way to make our scrap metal recycling processes grow continuously and maturely, all without risking the lives of the people working with us.

Guaranteed Versatility and Flexibility

Victorian Metal Traders can easily cater to a lot of clients since we can buy scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals from all areas of Victoria. We can likewise export the recycled metals globally, expanding our sustainable cause to other parts of the world.

Our versatility and flexibility extend to how we give the best services rates without compromising quality. We can likewise customise our equipment and systems just to meet the needs of the clients’ recycling requirements. Some more services that we offer include bin supply and pickup for customers at no charge, free assessment and quotations, same day or next day pickup/bin replacement service for scrap metal products, and others. From self-delivery to door trade, we can easily cater to different customers.

With these benefits, we can assure you that your scrap metal products will be in good hands. All our processes are deemed safe and sustainable as we follow standards and regulations set by the authorities and institutions. To know more about us, feel free to contact us at Victorian Metal Traders.

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