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A List of Metal Products that Cannot be Recycled

The metal recycling industry continues to thrive nowadays due to the steady demand for metal materials. And since the processes involved in the industry provide great benefits to the planet, then more and more businesses are expected to embrace more recycled metal materials today.

One key reason behind the success of the metal recycling industry boils down to the abundance of recyclable scrap metals. Electronics, construction, and other industries normally use metals in creating small to huge parts and generating useful tools, devices, and equipment pieces. But once they have reached the end of their service life, they often end up deteriorating gradually in landfills. Fortunately, most of their parts can still be recycled and converted into newly processed metal parts.

Even though recycling metals can help the environment conserve energy and preserve raw metal resources, not all metal products can be processed again. Here is a list of metal products that cannot be recycled or reprocessed.

Pans and Pots

Most pans and pots that are being utilised in residential and commercial kitchens are made from metals, which is why it is safe to assume that they can be all recycled. However, these cookware products cannot be recycled optimally since they often boast a special Teflon coating that is harmful to the environment. This specific coating may help the pans and pots prevent the food products from sticking to their surfaces, but it cannot be processed when recycling as it can pose great hazards to the surroundings.

Paint and Oil Cans

Paint and oil cans are normally made from metals since they can store the paint and oil without generating any effects. But if traces of paint and oil are still present on the discarded cans, then they cannot be recycled. Paints, for instance, may carry some toxins that can pose risks to the people once inhaled. And if the cans still have paint residues, then they must be disposed of properly. The same thing must be done with oil cans since oil can be hazardous to the air once it is processed incorrectly.

Gas Tanks

Gas tanks, especially those that store propane gas, can be hefty in terms of their overall metal weight. These tanks, however, are not recommended to be recycled due to their core function alone. The interaction of these tanks with propane gas makes them unfit to be recycled since the gas contains hazardous elements. And if the gas tanks still have a small volume of propane gas inside, then they might explode and cause fire during the recycling process.

Select Vehicle Parts

The chassis, rims, and door handles of vehicles are only some of the vehicle parts that can be recycled completely. Usually, these parts are melted down before conducting other processes in recycling. But not all metal vehicle parts can be recycled. Some parts of a vehicle may be made from ferrous or non-ferrous metals, but they are also comprised of other materials that can be too risky to recycle. Some vehicle parts that cannot be recycled are batteries, fluorescent lamps, headlamps, and sensors.

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