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The Significance of Crushing Scrap Metals

The industry of scrap metal recycling has been very helpful in maintaining the supply of metal materials for production and manufacturing purposes. Without the scrap metal recycling process, many industries would certainly still rely on raw metal materials. And as a consequence, the natural supply of raw metal elements will surely diminish in just a few decades or even years.

Scrap metal recycling is valuable for a lot of industries as the processes involved do not consume a large amount of energy. These processes can even help businesses reduce overall costs and, at the same time, help the environment recover by not emitting harmful elements.

There are various processes that are involved in scrap metal recycling. One of these processes is the crushing of scrap metals. There are a couple of reasons why scrap metals should be crushed first before proceeding to subsequent steps in metal recycling. Some of them are as follows:

Minimise Needed Space

Parts and products that are made from metal can vary in sizes and dimensions. But once they are discarded and sent to recycling centres, they must be crushed so they can be converted into smaller pieces. Without the crushing process, scrap metal products will surely fill the space of the recycling centre and end up causing more expenses in terms of their storage spaces.

Crushing the scrap metal parts and products will not only save space for their storage, but they can also save space in terms of their transport to other processes. You see, most tools and equipment pieces that are used for processing them have certain limitations. So, crushing the scrap metals can ensure that the tools and equipment pieces can handle them without any problems.

Reduce Material Volume

A lot of metal parts and products are normally comprised of internal air pockets and waste liquids that can increase their overall weight and volume. Some might even have a high tendency to retain their natural state or condition. Fortunately, the crushing process allows these extraneous elements to be discarded, retaining only the most important and vital scrap metal components. This process likewise reduces their overall volume and prevents them from reverting to their original form factor or condition.

Easier Material Handling

As the crushing process reduces the overall size and volume of metal parts and products, they are expected to be handled more conveniently by different machines and equipment pieces. Newly crushed scrap metals can now be transferred to other machines without causing some issues. Some of them can even fit conveniently in furnaces for their melting process. Others, alternatively, can be processed easily by compactors thanks to their lighter weight and smaller form factor.

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