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We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses contribute to a cleaner and greener future by responsibly managing their metal waste.

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We are striving to become the preferred recycling supplier and we look forward to discuss your specific requirements.
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We have a strong commitment to the environment and the health of all the communities in which we do business.
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We have ongoing expansion plans for more efficient infrastructure to enable us to process quicker and more efficient export transactions.
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Scrap Metal Recycling in Victoria

Victorian Metal Traders is the leading scrap metal recycling company based in Victoria, Australia. We are buyers and suppliers of all grades and all quantities of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals.

We buy scrap metals from all areas of Victoria and we export globally.

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Family-owned business since 2007

Our core value is centred on our belief and strong commitment to sustainability, care for the environment, and the health of all the communities that we do business with.

We continuously strive to achieve the best possible practices and we take serious efforts to be a good responsible environmental partner.

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