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Top 4 Reasons Why E-Waste Must Be Recycled

For the past few years, more and more businesses have started to adopt smart devices and equipment pieces and incorporate them into their operations. Even individuals and households have embraced smartphones, tablets, and other devices that make their daily lives easier.

However, one sad truth that these products face every day is they tend to become obsolete quickly. As manufacturers encounter advances in technology, they usually release new versions of these products every few months. Consequently, the value of their recently released products decreases, prompting consumers and businesses to discard the old products and update them with the new ones. This situation happens typically on smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, and other similar things.

The discarded products then become electronic waste or e-waste. As e-waste increases, the need to recycle them increases as well. Here are some reasons why e-waste must be recycled.

  1. Saves the Environment

One of the main reasons e-waste must be recycled is it can save the environment from waste-related issues. Like other types of wastes, products that are part of e-waste must also be managed and handled effectively so they do not end up bombarding the landfill. When left untouched, these smart products and devices will only emit toxic substances and greenhouse gases that can harm waterways and the air. Collecting them, alternatively, allows recycling centres to handle them safely, get rid of the toxic substances effectively, and recover useable materials.

  1. Deters Toxic Hazards

As mentioned, e-waste may be comprised of hazardous elements. Some of these elements are mercury, lead, chromium, and cadmium. When disposed of irresponsibly, e-waste products that contain these elements may not only harm the environment but also nearby communities. Waterways can flow through communities. And if people in these places end up consuming the contaminated water, many of them might get poisoned and become sick.

  1. Conserves Raw Metals

What is common about electronic devices and machines is they possess valuable metals. Some metals used to generate their components are silver, aluminium, and copper. Without recycling e-waste, manufacturers will be forced to obtain their metal supply from raw resources, which is not only expensive to acquire but can also be costly to the environment. Conserving the metals and other natural resources of the planet is the best way to avoid the depletion of products that are useful for future generations.

  1. Provide Ample Supply

One more reason why e-waste must be recycled is to ensure that the supply of metal for manufacturing smart devices and machines will be replenished sustainably. Recycling phones, laptops, and others can generate metals and other materials needed for producing a new set of devices and machines without requiring too much energy. The recycling process of e-waste does not even require a lot of time and effort just to produce the essential metals.

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