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Debunking Most Popular Myths about Scrap Metal Recycling

The growth and popularity of the scrap metal recycling industry have truly increased over the past few years. More and more businesses now turn to the industry to obtain their needed supply of metal materials. Consumers likewise acknowledge the importance of recycling, with a lot of them vowing on buying products that can still be recycled after they have been consumed or used for a long time.

The processes involved in the scrap metal recycling industry have truly provided great benefits to the environment. As more scrap metals are collected, processed, and used again, the amount of waste products in landfills has decreased significantly. Even the toxin emission has declined with the industry, ensuring that the core resources of the planet will be free from harmful elements. Energy use is also minimised as the scrap metal recycling processes do not consume a lot of non-renewable power.

But even with the associated benefits of scrap metal recycling, there are still some myths about the industry that might confuse some people about it. Some of these myths are the following:

Obtaining Money is Effortless

A lot of scrap metal recycling centres are known for offering a specific amount of money to people who will be sending them scrap metal products. While money can be truly obtained from scrap metals, the value of the waste materials must still be evaluated heavily. Devices, appliances, and other similar things certainly have a specific amount of recyclable metal inside their components, but the quantity of those things may vary. Some of them may only have a small amount of gold or platinum that can still be extracted. Others, however, may have metal elements that cannot be processed again anymore.

Strip Copper Wire through Fire

If there is one thing that should be stopped, that would be the burning of copper wire. The burning of copper wires is one of those practices that must not be conducted anymore. Some countries have even banned the practice as it can easily release toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Additionally, burning the copper wire will only ruin the main copper elements. As the heat burns the copper wire, some residue of plastic will be left to the copper material, which can then affect its value negatively. And since burned copper wires have less value, the amount of money that can be obtained from them will be much lower.

Recycling is Not Eco-Friendly

Even though a lot of researchers have come up with carefully researched data and studies, there are still some people who refuse to believe the positive effects of recycling on the environment. These people, however, cannot deny that scrap metal recycling can certainly help the environment become much more liveable. The greenhouse emissions through the recycling process are reduced by a high percentage. The amount of raw metal ores is likewise preserved as the scrap metal recycling industry expands. Even the non-renewable sources of energy are saved as the industry does not need a lot of them.

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