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4 Common Misconceptions about the Metal Recycling Industry

The whole process of metal recycling has truly become popular today given its associated benefits.

One of the benefits of the metal recycling process is that it can save scrap metals that can still be processed into new products. Since the scraps are saved, the number of waste materials in landfills is expected to decrease significantly. Another benefit of the process is that it can conserve raw metal materials as well as energy sources thanks to the utilisation of newly processed scrap metals.

While the metal recycling process and its accompanying industry have been truly helpful to the environment, there are still some people who might have gathered some misconceptions about them. Some of the most common misconceptions about the metal recycling industry are as follows:

  1. The Metal Recycling Industry is Unnecessary

Despite the benefits of the industry, some people believe that scrap metal recycling is redundant and unnecessary due to the presence of landfills. They often think that since landfills are still being used today, then scrap metal recycling does not necessarily contribute to minimising their usage. It cannot be denied that tons of landfills are still being maximised today. But as the scrap metal recycling process spreads across the globe, the waste materials on landfills decreases. Cutting down the wastes on landfills can then prevent water contamination, air pollution, and habitat destruction.

  1. The Metal Recycling Process is Expensive

Another misconception about the metal recycling industry and its process is that they are expensive and not economically viable. The activities and equipment pieces involved in collecting, separating, and processing scrap metals can consume a lot of money. However, all the expenses related to the metal recycling industry are far more affordable and cheaper compared to extracting and processing raw virgin materials. Even the total energy consumed by the metal recycling process is lower than the energy being utilised by raw metal extraction and processing.

  1. The Demand for Scrap Metal Materials are Low

One more misconception about the products of the scrap metal recycling industry is that they are not needed by major industries. Industries such as construction and electronics are known for their high usage of metal parts and components. And since they need to cater to various types of projects and release many products during their operations, they have to acquire tons of metal parts and components every day. The scrap metal recycling industry can help them supply their needs since the industry can yield scrap metal products that are made from copper, aluminium, iron, and steel alloys.

  1. The Metal Recycling Industry is a Scam

Perhaps, the biggest misconception about the metal recycling industry is that it is a scam. Some people believe that the whole industry is built and generated just to contribute to the wealth of those who are constantly promoting the practice of recycling. This misconception is simply false as the industry has been scientifically proven to be greatly effective in minimising waste materials, decreasing environmental pollution, and increasing the supply of needed metal materials. The recycling centres even earn a small amount of money as they pay people or businesses who are giving their scrap metals.

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