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Covid19 and Its Impact to the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry in Australia

13 April 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic is still present around the world. And ever since the spread of the coronavirus, many industries are still affected by the temporary closures and slowdowns of significant business operations. One of these industries is scrap metal recycling. Given that the manufacturing processes all over the world have decreased due to lockdowns, more and more businesses have temporarily halted their import of metal sheets and materials. Even the consumption of metal products has slowed down given that most people would practically lessen their expenses and divert all their resources to just the essential needs. The Impact of the […]

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Most Common Household Appliances that are Worth Scrapping

26 March 2021

The metal recycling industry has been very useful for a lot of businesses due to its associated benefits. For one, it has provided significant savings when it comes to energy and raw metal materials. It has also helped in minimising harmful emissions to the environment thanks to the eco-friendly processes that are involved in recycling scrap metal products. And with the continuous support towards the said industry, the overall supply of metal all over the world is kept at an optimum level. The abundance of reprocessed metal materials allows manufacturing, electronics, and other businesses to continue their production and assembly. […]

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The Significance of Crushing Scrap Metals

12 March 2021

The industry of scrap metal recycling has been very helpful in maintaining the supply of metal materials for production and manufacturing purposes. Without the scrap metal recycling process, many industries would certainly still rely on raw metal materials. And as a consequence, the natural supply of raw metal elements will surely diminish in just a few decades or even years. Scrap metal recycling is valuable for a lot of industries as the processes involved do not consume a large amount of energy. These processes can even help businesses reduce overall costs and, at the same time, help the environment recover […]

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What are E-Wastes and Why Do They Need to Be Recycled?

26 February 2021

The number of waste products that are being discarded every day can easily fill several vacant sites. Plastic products, which include packaging, bags, and others, can often be seen in trash bins. Even paper litter can still be spotted everywhere. While most of the aforementioned products are being recycled or reprocessed today, there is one type of waste products that industries and organisations must prioritise before they could totally pollute the environment. E-wastes, which are products that come from electronics, are now identified to be one of the main polluters of the planet Earth. A Brief Background of E-Wastes As […]

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An Overview about Scrap Metal Recycling Process

15 February 2021

Metal parts and products can be found anywhere as different industries maximise the qualities of most metal materials. The mining industry uses metal materials through the utilisation of mine cars, machines, and belt drives. The energy industry, alternatively, use pipelines and power-generating equipment that are mostly made from metal components. Other industries that use metal materials are construction, automotive, aerospace, medical, and transportation. Given the abundance of industries that use metal materials, the total volume of metal materials that can be processed every day must be sustained to keep their operations going. Fortunately, the process of scrap metal recycling has […]

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