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The Key Safety Challenges of the Metal Recycling Process

09 August 2021

The process of metal recycling has been continuously appreciated by a lot of industries due to its accompanying benefits. One of the most notable benefits of metal recycling is that it can effectively reduce the number of scrap metals in landfills. The process of metal recycling can likewise conserve energy and save raw metal materials. It can even meet the demands of various industries right away. Despite the benefits associated with the metal recycling process, there are still some safety challenges that the professionals who conduct the recycling may face. Some of the safety challenges that the metal recycling process […]

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Significant Benefits of Recycling Aluminium Products

27 July 2021

In the last few decades, the process of metal recycling and its associated products have been continuously embraced by different industries and businesses. After all, countries all over the world are now pushing the initiative of making the planet sustainable and viable for future generations. As more industries maximise metal-based products on their daily operations, the demand for the metal recycling industry has likewise increased over time. Hence, recycling centres are now collecting and processing various types of metals just to keep up with the needs of major industries in the world. One type of metal material that these centres […]

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Major Economic and Environmental Advantages of Exporting and Importing Scrap Metals

09 July 2021

Scrap metals are comprised of metal parts and products that can be collected and processed again. Most of these metals come from devices, equipment, machines, and other products that have been discarded or have reached the end of their service life. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are found on these things can be used as part of scrap metals, making their value significantly high. And since metal parts and products are maximised by a lot of industries such as construction, electronics, and power, the recycling of scrap metals can truly help sustain their needs for a long time without […]

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3 Most Valuable Metal Types to Scrap and Recycle

28 June 2021

The process of scrap metal recycling boasts tons of advantages to the environment and several industries. For one, it can reprocess scrap metal products and make them useful again. And as these products are recycled, the need for raw metal materials can be reduced significantly, preserving these materials for future use. The recycling of scrap metal parts and products can even help in minimising pollution to the water and soil as well as limiting the toxins in the atmosphere. Aside from minimising waste and pollution, the entire scrap metal recycling process can also save a lot of energy compared to […]

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A Brief History of the Scrap Metal Recycling Process

08 June 2021

The concept of scrap metal recycling is not new anymore. In fact, more and more businesses have embraced this specific process for them to be more sustainable in the long run. Scrap metal recycling gained tremendous recognition in terms of achieving sustainability as it entails the process of collecting and reprocessing scrap metal products before selling or using them again to various industries. With the continuous recycling of these products, the need to utilise raw metal resources can be reduced significantly. The energy consumption, as well as toxin emissions, can likewise be minimised with scrap metal recycling. The overall supply […]

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