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Understanding the Importance of Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling

25 October 2021

For many decades, the process of recycling has been continuously embraced by different people and industries given the benefits it can bring. First, recycling has been known to be very effective in reducing the need for huge landfills. This process has likewise helped in conserving natural resources, particularly those that take a very long time to develop or grow in reasonable amounts. Recycling has also contributed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, conservation of energy, and development of employment opportunities. One material that is being recycled today is ferrous metal. Ferrous metal is a group of metals that contain […]

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5 Interesting Facts about Recycling Copper Products

11 October 2021

A lot of products today are comprised of copper. Copper is a type of metal that is obtained from minerals like chalcopyrite and bornite. When processed effectively, a copper product can boast high thermal and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and anti-bacterial characteristic. The quantity of products that utilise copper today is significantly abundant. In residential properties alone, they are already comprised of almost 300 kg of wires, plumbing tubes, fittings, valves, builders’ hardware, and other similar elements. Aside from the structural wirings of properties, appliances such as air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigerators, and others also contain copper elements. The increased […]

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Top 3 Applications of Recycled Scrap Metal

30 September 2021

Over the past few years, the metal recycling industry has supplied manufacturers with their needed supply of metal for them to produce parts and components. Additionally, the industry has provided businesses and consumers with a new way of conserving resources and protecting the environment. With the help of various tools and processes, the industry can easily collect, process, and distribute recycled scrap metals to different businesses that need them. What is great about recycled scrap metals is that they almost retain the properties they initially had when they are first processed and utilised. So, users expect them to boast great […]

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A List of Metal Products that Cannot be Recycled

14 September 2021

The metal recycling industry continues to thrive nowadays due to the steady demand for metal materials. And since the processes involved in the industry provide great benefits to the planet, then more and more businesses are expected to embrace more recycled metal materials today. One key reason behind the success of the metal recycling industry boils down to the abundance of recyclable scrap metals. Electronics, construction, and other industries normally use metals in creating small to huge parts and generating useful tools, devices, and equipment pieces. But once they have reached the end of their service life, they often end […]

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4 Common Misconceptions about the Metal Recycling Industry

23 August 2021

The whole process of metal recycling has truly become popular today given its associated benefits. One of the benefits of the metal recycling process is that it can save scrap metals that can still be processed into new products. Since the scraps are saved, the number of waste materials in landfills is expected to decrease significantly. Another benefit of the process is that it can conserve raw metal materials as well as energy sources thanks to the utilisation of newly processed scrap metals. While the metal recycling process and its accompanying industry have been truly helpful to the environment, there […]

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