How Can Scrap Metal Recycling Reduce the Need for Metal Mining?

24 January 2023

Metals are resources that have been very useful in many industries. The automotive industry, for example, uses metals to create different parts of vehicles. The electronics industry, alternatively, takes advantage of metals to generate a wide array of appliances, devices, and others. One thing about metals, however, is they are often sourced from mining. And as metal mining continues, the number of issues it generates continues to increase as well. These issues then lead to problems that the planet and humanity face and will face for a very long time. Without mitigating them, the effects of mining might not be […]

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The Role of Metal Recycling in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 12

10 January 2023

The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organisation that aims to maintain international peace and security. It is also intended to develop and maintain friendly relations among nations and achieve international cooperation towards achieving various goals. Australia is a founding member of the UN and has been participating actively in the said institution for the last seven decades. Hence, the nation is already aware of the goals adopted by the UN in 2015. These goals, known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SGDs, strive to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity by 2030. A Quick Overview […]

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Why Should You Recycle Your Old Smartphones and Tablets?

16 December 2022

The exponential growth of smartphone use over the past few years can be attributed to the continuous improvements in network connections and dependence on online apps. Even the tablet market has been growing for the last couple of years due to the same reasons. While many people stick to their smartphones and tablets for a long time, a huge percentage of people upgrade their devices from time to time. As for those who can afford to buy the newest and latest models of the said devices, they end up keeping their phones and tablets in their drawers or storage rooms. […]

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Suggested Items You Can Bring to VMT for Recycling Before the Year Ends

01 December 2022

As the year ends, many of you may attempt to clean your storage room or garage for a fresh start. Doing this can be great as the number of old or faulty items stored on your property may further increase significantly if left unscathed. They may also be covered with tons of dust, dirt, and other dirty elements, which can be unappealing to look at. Once you have separated old or faulty items from those that are still working, you may be thinking of sending the former to landfills. Doing this may be possible for some products, but others could […]

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The Importance of Recycling Scrap Metals During the Holidays

21 November 2022

As the holidays come closer and closer, households and businesses often spend most of their time wrapping up whatever activities they must finish. Some families, for instance, would start to prepare for all the things they will be carrying for their long trip out of town. Others, alternatively, will allocate their time to cleaning and preparing their homes as they expect visitors to come. Businesses, on the other hand, must complete every task necessary to ensure that they can spend their holidays without major interruption from their respective clients or customers. But one thing that they may have to carry […]

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